Why Cook Eat Chill

Why Cook Eat Chill? I think it is possible to make a home cooked meal , which is absolutely hassle-free and delicious, and fits in your family budget . So you can cook and chill, tested through personal experience. Trust me , a couple of years ago I could only fry an egg.

It is hard in modern life for anyone to combine a full time job and a home chef’s hat. So I embarked  on my journey of looking for simple recipes where you do not have to spend a fortune on ingredients and hours on cooking. The collection of all the recipes has been cooked by me and  quality approved by my partner. My point is if you think you can’t cook and chill, just give it a go. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  You might find that cooking is your new way to relax and meditate after a busy day at work!

The web site is still work in progress. I am still uploading new recipes literally as I cook them! There will be a new section added soon where you can order your weekly recipes and a grocery shopping list to make your life easy. Stay tuned!